Complete your class online during campus closures.

This site will be continually updated. Check back often for content changes.

In case of campus closure, illness, inclement weather, etc., you may be required to teach remotely. Using available learning tools at WashU, you can successfully teach your course online during a short or prolonged disruption.

Although we expect that most faculty will use Canvas as their overarching teaching and learning tool, Canvas alone may not support all of your current teaching methods. This website will detail how you can utilize a range of available tools to swiftly transform your teaching. 

Get Ready to Teach Remotely

To prepare yourself for remote teaching, get ready to complete the following steps:

  • Update your adjusted syllabus and post it on Canvas
  • Contact your students via Canvas and/or WebFAC to let them know your course is moving online
  • Create a brief, check-in Canvas Assignment or Quiz to ensure all students are engaged immediately
  • Convert paper-based assignments and materials to online alternatives
  • Change your exam format and testing conditions
  • Hold office hours online
  • Prepare students to complete group work at a distance

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