Most faculty at Washington University have never taught an online course, and are uncertain how teaching in the fall will be done. However, most regularly use some form of online and digital instruction, whether it is having class materials on a website, emailing students, or posting grades and assignments on Canvas. Most faculty at Washington University are also comfortable with various digital educational tools in the classroom, such as using their laptop or classroom computer to project PowerPoint presentations or YouTube videos on the screen. Some have even used digital polling methods such as iClickers or Poll Everywhere.

This fall, the goal is you to take the digitals tools that you are already comfortable with and stretch them a bit farther so that any student who is learning remotely can fully participate in the course. The pages here are designed to help you choose how to do that.

This process can be a bit intimidating because there is a whole new vocabulary associated with teaching online, but it is very straightforward and, as pointed out above, most faculty already know more about it than they think.

Once you have gone through and designed your course, be sure to detail your plans in your syllabus. More information about constructing a syllabus, including an updated Fall-2020 template, is available at the CTL Syllabus page.