If you have exams in your course, please consider the following options, if available:

  • Can you postpone your exam or include the content on the next exam? 
    • Providing that contingencies are only needed for a short amount of time, postponing your exam or incorporating the content on the next exam is the easiest option. 
  • Can your exam be transformed into a project, paper, or alternative take-home format?
    • If “yes,” use the Canvas Assignment tool to create a submission for your exam and provide your students with the needed directions. For help transforming your exam to a take-home format, review the Open-Note Exams section below.
  • Can your exam be taken as an open-book or open-note format?
    • If “yes,” use the Canvas Quiz tool to build your exam. Exams that ask more applied questions may be good candidates for an online open-book option. 

If you answered “no” to all three questions, you may wish to review the following articles in planning your new online exam:

Open-Note Exams

As noted above, you may choose to transform a traditional, closed-book exam into an open-note exam suited for the online learning environment. For guidance, please consult the Center for Teaching and Learning’s resource on Designing Open-Note Exams.

Exam Proctoring Software

If you believe using an online exam with proctoring software is the best option for you, Washington University has purchased Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor, a “fully-automated proctoring” system that uses a student’s webcam and video analytics to prevent cheating during non-proctored exams.

To use Respondus LockDown Browser and/or Monitor, you must build your exam in Canvas using the Quiz tool. See the instructions below:

We realize that navigating the administration of online exams can be tricky. To get started, you may wish to attend one of the regularly scheduled webinars from Respondus. In addition, please reach out to 24/7 Canvas Support for help on quiz or exam setup (via the Help button in Canvas).

A Note on Respondus Monitor

While Respondus LockDown Browser should be fairly straightforward for most students with access to modern laptops, Respondus Monitor has additional drawbacks and caveats. If you are considering using Respondus Monitor, please review the following:

  1. Students cannot at this point be required to obtain cameras. Also, many students may not have access to private spaces with reliable internet access.
    • Provisions will need to be made for these students, such as an alternate assignment (e.g., paper or project submitted electronically).
  2. Respondus Monitor’s artificial intelligence does not reliably catch all academic integrity infractions, even some obvious ones.
  3. Respondus Monitor may yield false positives.
  4. For additional guidance, please discuss Respondus Monitor with relevant program leadership and/or the Center for Teaching and Learning prior to use.