Is your computer ready?

Make sure your computer is ready by test your internet connection, software, camera and microphone using the Zoom test tool at

Attending classes online using Zoom

Zoom is a video conferencing and recording tool that can be used on its own or within Canvas. Washington University provides a Zoom account to all faculty, students and staff. To get started, sign in with your WUSTL Key at

How do I find the Zoom meeting link for my class?

The link should be in the Canvas>Zoom tool>Upcoming meetings tab in your canvas course. However, your instructor may email the link to you instead, or shared it as an announcement in Canvas. It is important that you stay on top of email and that you have notifications turned on in Canvas to ensure you don’t miss any communications.

What should I expect when I join a Zoom session?

  • Click the Zoom meeting link several minutes before your meeting, as you may be prompted to download Zoom to your device.
  • Test your internet connection, software, camera and microphone using the Zoom test tool at
  • Follow the instructions to join.

How can I be an effective participant during a call?

During a Zoom call, use etiquette rules to manage your own audio/video, be an effective participant, and not disrupt calls inadvertently:

  • Find out the preferred mode of communication for the class, which will likely vary according to the size of the class.
  • In many cases, questions are best asked through the chat box, where the instructor or classroom engagement moderator will respond to the question.
  • Click Mute to mute your audio, if not already done, and minimize background noise. Unmute when you wish to talk.
  • For large classes, click Stop Video to stop your video and preserve bandwidth for the call. Start Video to show your video (for example, if called upon), unless the instructor requests otherwise.
  • Use the Raise Hand button to prompt the host to call on you without interrupting.

How do I find recordings of a Zoom meeting in Canvas?

If the meeting was scheduled via Canvas and recorded, the Zoom recording will be in the Canvas course in either the Kaltura Media Gallery tab or in the Zoom tool > Cloud Recordings tab a few hours after the meeting ends.