Strategies for Teaching Remotely

Teaching remotely requires modifications to your previous in-person teaching practices. Some of these modifications of teaching online are relatively simple, such as lecturing within Zoom instead of lecturing in-class. Other modifications are challenging, such as facilitating discussions with a large group of students. Some are not possible, such as fully hands-on work within a lab or studio. However, some can be made easier, such as having many small breakout groups within a large class. However, all of them require training and practice with new educational software tools.

If you are planning to teaching in a hyflex manner, with simultaneous online and in-class students, that will also require an additional set of physical technological tools in the classroom. The task may seem daunting, but the pages here will provide the support you need to help make this happen in a productive and even enjoyable manner. You may want to check back often, both because these pages will grow over time as digital tools and options change and because your understanding of how to use them will grow.

Steps To Help You Teach Remotely: