You have many tools available to you learn about the different options for teaching in the fall. Some of the tutorials are online and asynchronous, meaning that they are pre-recorded presentations or pre-built web pages, and you can view them whenever you like, on your own schedule. Others are online in synchronous, meaning that they occur at a set time, such as through a live Zoom meeting. Experiencing both will give you a better sense of what your students will experience through their own synchronous and asynchronous learning.

  1. Welcome to Canvas  This asynchronous online tool, which is already located within your own personal Canvas account, provides you with step-by-step instructions for building your course within Canvas. If you log in to WashU’s My Canvas, you will see the course already on your dashboard. Video guides include topics such as Building and Organizing Content, Assignments and Assessments, Grading, Importing Content, and Opening and Publishing a Course. There is also information on where to go for additional support.
  2. Foundations in Digital Pedagogy This modular asynchronous Canvas course provides concise advice on how to adapt instruction, communication, and student engagement to digital teaching tools, and covers the different scenarios of online, hybrid, and hyflex teaching modes. It is also already available on your Canvas dashboard.
  3. Department Support  As identified in the Foundations in Digital Pedagogy course, your individual school has multiple resources in both training and assisting with the use of digital educational tools, and the contacts for information and further questions are:
    Arts & Sciences: Megan Radcliff & Amanda Albert
    Brown School: Lorien Carter
    School of Law: Aris Woodham
    Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts: Enrique Von Rohr
    McKelvey School of Engineering: Jason Crandall & Meghann Pytka
    Olin Business School: Nina Kim
    School of Medicine: Carolyn Dufault & Erin Morris
    University College: Pat Matthews
  4. Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)  The CTL provides multiple printed resources to assist with teaching remotely, especially on its Digital Pedagogy pages on its Resources page. In addition, multiple synchronous training opportunities are being provided by the Educational Development and Classroom Services programs within the CTL, which can be found on the Events Calendar.
  5. Other Online Resources  There are many other resources available for help in teaching remotely, and a good place to start is the Guides for Online Teaching page, which has some training opportunities available to WashU Instructors though university contracts.