Before taking your exam/quiz/survey:

  • Know the due date/time: Be sure you know when the assessment is due, and be sure to get started early.  If you experience technical issues you want to be sure that you have adequate time to resolve them before the item is due.
  • Computer requirements: Ensure that your computer meets minimum technical requirements for Canvas.
  • Browser requirements: Make sure you are using a supported browserGoogle Chrome is the recommended browser to use with our educational technology tools.
  • Disable pop-up blockers:  While useful in other applications, pop-up blockers  can interfere with Canvas.
  • Stable internet connection: A hard-wired internet connection that is plugged directly into your computer is preferred.  Wireless connections may fluctuate which can break the connection to Canvas during your exam/quiz/survey.
  • Desktop or laptop computers are preferred over tablets and smartphones due to security and reliability of these devices.
  • Only the Canvas quiz browser should be open in Google Chrome.  Additional programs/applications, tabs, or windows can result in performance problems with your computer.  Keep the browser window open for the duration of your assessment.

While taking your exam/quiz/survey:

  • Open the exam/quiz/survey by clicking on the name.  Read the specifics, including the due date and time, points, number of questions, time limit, number of attempts allowed, and instructions. If you have questions about the assessment, ask your instructor now, prior to starting it.  When you are ready, begin by clicking “Take the Survey” or “Take the Quiz”.
  • Take the exam/quiz/survey:  Do not navigate away from this window, close this window, or use your browser buttons to navigate through the assessment.
  • Timed assessment: If applicable to this assessment, the timer will be located on the upper right corner of your quiz screen.  You will receive a 1 minute warning, and when you run out of time a pop-up message will ask you to submit your responses or Canvas will do it for you.
  • Submit: When you are finished answering questions, click Submit to close out the assessment.  This will end your attempt, and you may not be able to access the assessment again.


  • Click Help, in the lower left corner of the Canvas window.  You can chat or call Canvas support 24/7.
  • Contact your instructor immediately, providing them detailed information about the problem.  Your instructor may need to access your activity log or reset your test attempt.
  • Provide as much detail as possible, including a screenshot with the error message or other problems (Windows screenshot instructions or Apple Mac Instructions).